The Villa

  • Question: How many people can the Villa accommodate? Answer:There are two master bedroom suites with one King bed in each; one upstairs and one directly below. Each bedroom sleeps two adults, or two to three children.
  • Question: What if we have more people in our party than your Villa can accommodate? Answer: There are four Villas that are available for rent. All of the three other owners are friends of ours. We can ask them if their Villa is available for your time frame. All of us charge different prices because the amenities vary greatly from Villa to Villa.
  • Question: What is the layout of the property …are there two separate buildings? Answer: One building houses the bedrooms and the other building houses the kitchen, dining, living room, and the ½ bath or “Powder Room.” The main house is on the beach, and the sleeping house is just behind the main building.
  • Question: How far are you from the beach? Answer: Our Villa is directly on the beach. You can hear the waves lapping on the shore from everywhere on the property.
  • Question: Is the water in front of the villa safe for swimming? Answer: Yes, however, there are some rocks directly in front of the property, and if you count your steps to the right of the property, at 175 steps, it is clear of rocks.
  • Question: Is the kitchen fully equipped? Answer: Yes, everything you will need to dine at home comfortably is provided.
  • Question: Do either of the bedrooms have a screen door for bug-free sleeping without AirCon? Answer: The upstairs suite has a screen door so you can breathe fresh sea air all night and save on the AirCon expense.
  • Question: Are there fans in the rooms? Answer: There is a free-standing fan in each of the three rooms.
  • Question: Is there air conditioning? Answer: Yes, in all three rooms. Turn on fan on low speed for five (5) minutes at a 25’ temperature. After five minutes, you may increase the speed and lower the temperature.
  • Question: Is the water drinkable? Answer: Do not drink the tap water. We provide a 15 liter /(4 gal.) bottle of water that is on our water cooler by the powder room, when you arrive. Bottles of water are available directly across the street for THB 15. Ask our Villa manager about water.
  • Question: Is there pool service? Answer: Yes, the pool is maintained two to three times/week by our team.
  • Question: Are there beach towels & chairs? Answer: Yes, there are two lounge chairs, and one brown beach towel for each guest located in the powder room.
  • Question: Are there hair dryers? Answer: Yes, there is one in each bedroom.
  • Question: Do your DVD players play US/Euro DVDs? Answer: We have a DVD library of over 100 films for entertainment.
  • Question: Are there rain umbrellas at the villa? Answer: We provide one umbrella at each of the three rooms; we do encourage you bring your own because the moisture in the environment causes them to rust and their lifespan is short.
  • Question: Are there only two lounge chairs? Does that mean there is only seating for two people outside? Answer: Actually, we have four chairs and a table on the “Sala” by the sea. We also have two chairs and a table between the Main House and the private infinity swimming pool. There are also two chairs and a table on the balcony outside the upstairs suite. The reason there are only two lounge chairs is because in Thailand, since there is proximity to the equator andthere is intense heat, most people spend a limited amount of time lying in the sun.
  • Question: Does the property include other villas? Answer: Yes, there are four total villas in our little development. Each villa is owned by a different “Foreign owner.” We know all of the owners and in case you want to rent more than one villa, we will contact the other owners to see what is available.
  • Question: Who is the property manager and can he secure transport from Krabi airport if we don’t want to rent a car? Answer: Nick Matthews is our property manager who can arrange for transport, rent any items for babies or children, or book tours around the island. He is a great resource. Additionally, if anything at the Villa is confusing or broken, you can ask Nick for support. (Email: lantasitatravel@gmail.com – Cell: 087-883-2572)
  • Question: Is there maid service provided? Answer: The Villa will be cleaned just before you arrive. Depending on how long you stay and your desire for cleanliness and order, you may want to have it cleaned more often. If this is the case, please let the villa manager know and he will arrange this for you. Please know there will be an additional charge for cleanings during your stay.
  • Question: Can you provide a private chef for the Villa? Answer: Yes, our villa manager, Nick can recommend someone and provide prices.
  • Question: What if we want our laundry done? Answer: Directly across the street there is a laundry service. They charge THB 40 per kilo. Next day turn around service.

How to make a Booking

  • Question: If we decide on your villa, how do we make a booking? Answer: Check our Availability Calendar for your desired dates and then visit our Make a Booking page to submit an enquiry or a booking.
  • Question: What is the deposit? Answer: Your deposit can either be 50% or you can pay in full.
  • Question: How are the funds transferred? Answer: You can make a direct deposit into a Chase bank if there is one near you, or you can wire the funds to our Thai SCB account. We also accept credit cards, however, 3% will be added for that service.
  • Question: How do we receive our damage deposit back? Answer: Regarding the refund of your damage deposit, if you leave late in the day, Nick, our property manager can do the walk through while you are there and give you THB in cash. If you leave early in the morning, the funds will be wired to you after you provide your review of your stay, provided there are not broken, left behind, missing, or items requiring repair, replacement, or postage.

Getting there & Getting around

  • Question: What is the actual address of the villa? Answer: It is located on Klong Nin Beach on Koh Lanta. After you have officially booked your vacation at our villa, we will then provide you with the exact address.
  • Question: Where is Koh Lanta? Answer: It is an island off20.Sunset from villa the coast of Krabi Province in Southern Thailand.
  • Question: How do you get there? Answer: You take an 80-minute flight from Bangkok to Krabi.
  • Question: What airlines fly from Bangkok (BKK) to Krabi (KBI)? Answer: Thai Airlines, Air Asia, Bangkok Air, Tiger Air (from Singapore).
  • Question: Do you happen to know if there is another way to get to Krabi (presumably the closest place to Koh Lanta)? Answer: You can fly, drive, or take a train. Flying makes the most sense if you have limited time.
  • Question: Is there another airport (besides Krabi) closer to Koh Lanta where we could try to get to earlier? Answer: No. Krabi Airport is the closest and fastest. The alternative is Phuket Airport, but then you have a four-hour drive from Phuket to Koh Lanta.
  • Question: How long is the transport from Krabi airport? Answer: It takes between 1.5 – 3 hours, depending on whether you take the two ferries or the speedboat and traffic. Either way it’s an adventur33.North garden walle!
  • Question: What do we do when we arrive at Krabi Airport? Answer: You have choices, depending on time and cost
    1. You can take a private car THB 2400 for the car.
    2. You can take a shared taxi THB 400 per person.
    3. You can take a van/speed boat (market price) ask our villa manager.
    4. You can rent a car if you are comfortable driving on the left side.
  • Question: Do we need to rent a car in Krabi or Lanta? Answer: That depends on your travel preferences. You have options: 1. You can rent motorcycles and scooters on Koh Lanta (THB 200/day) 2. You can take a Tuk-Tuk to and from everywhere 3. You can rent a car at Krabi Airport and drive on the left side! 4. You can rent a car on Koh Lanta if you want a more comfortable ride or have physical challenges.
  • Question: What does it cost to rent a scooter or motorcycle per day? Per week? Two weeks? Answer: The cost is about 200 baht per day ($6.00) and you can negotiate a better deal for longer stays.
  • Question: Do guests normally take the private van service from Krabi to the Villa, or the speedboat? Answer: We personally have used all the above transportation in the last 5 years. The private van service with the speedboat is the fastest way to get to Koh Lanta. The private van alone takes about 2 hours to cross the two ferries to get to our Villa. Guests use all options.
  • Question: When we arrive at the Villa, what happens? Answer: Prior to arrival, our villa manager will coordinate with you about your arrival time, meet you, brief you on the villa, and give you keys.

In the Area

  • Question: Can you describe the surrounding area? Answer: It is beach with local small hotels, restaurants, and a mini mart across the street. One main road that extends from North in Saladan to the South national park. Pimalei Resort is seven Kilometers to the South.25. minimart
  • Question: What is within walking distance from the villa? Answer: Across the street is a Thai restaurant, Cook-Kai that is perfect for your arrival night and any rainy days; they also deliver food to the villa. Directly across the street is a mini mart that has soft drinks, alcohol, snacks, fruit, ice cream, nuts, and cookies. If you face the ocean, to your left you have three restaurants in a row: Nature Beach, Paradise, then Miami. A little farther is Sri Lanta Resort. There are others, of course, but will require more walking and you will need to bring a flashlight at night. To the right, you have Peace Paradise which features Indian food, and Andalay Boutique (VAT and service charge) and Euro White Rock for Western Food. Further down the beach (and street) are a group of nice restaurants: Monkey Business for coffee and desert, Shanti Shanti with lovely Western food, and homemade ice cream, Round House, Otto’s, Roi Thai and Ritchey’s. All are good and within walking distance on the road or accessible from the beach.
  • Question: Are you close to30.Pathway to front door restaurants? Answer: There is a Thai restaurant also serving Western and Thai food directly across the street that is open year round, and you can walk on the beach or on the road and find lots of them. Sri Lanta, Andalay, and Pimalei Resort are great for special occasions.
  • Question: Where can we rent a motor scooter or Tuk-Tuk? Answer: To the right of the property, between Nature and Paradise you can find a Tuk-Tuk, and Paradise rents scooters and cars.
  • Question: Are there markets nearby? Answer: Yes, there are many markets everywhere, but you may need a Tuk Tuk, motorcycle, a car, or a taxi to go there and transport your groceries back to the villa.
  • Question: Can you get a massage nearby? Answer: Yes, ask the Villa manager for a recommendation. We recommend Teat at Miami.
  • Question: Can you buy baby food and diapers nearby? Answer: Yes, at the crossroads or 7-11 Store they have both.
  • Question: What about health care needs? Answer: At the crossroads (left of the Villa) there is a nurse practitioner at her Clinic. (distance: ½ mile) (Nida 089.727.3048) For emergencies call 1719 on local Thai phones for ambulance services.
  • Question: Can we book snorkeling, scuba, elephant trekking, Island hopping? Answer: Yes you can through Nick, our property manager. Once you book, Nick will provide prices for all excursions and activities that you are interested in.

Before you Leave Home

  • Question: What is the weather like? Answer: That depends on the season. October 15-April 15 it is beautiful. The average temperature is between 80º- 90ºF. Since this is the Tropics the sun is very hot, and it rains a lot, but it usually doesn’t last too long. Between April16th to Octob27.Lanta sunset1er 14th it is considered “Low Green Season” and that is because it rains a often. It is never cold on Koh Lanta, but sometimes in air-conditioned environments, it can be chilly, so a pashmina is recommended, especially traveling in vans.
  • Question: What should we bring with us? Answer: Bathing suit, cover-up, flip-flops, sunglasses, a hat, flashlight, sunblock, mosquito repellant, and a folding umbrella…and of course Thai currency “Baht”! (there are many ATM kiosks in the area)
  • Question: Do we need power converters for Thailand? Answer: “NO” Your US or European plugs work fine.
  • Question: Do Thai people on the island speak English? Answer: It’s not a problem they know how to communicate with foreigners.


  • Question: Are there hotels you would recommend in Bangkok? Answer: There are thousands of fine hotels in Bangkok. They range in number of stars, location, amenities, and price. The Furama Hotel chain has served us well and is fair. http://www.furamaxclusive.com/asoke/

We sincerely hope we have answered all of your questions, but if you have others, please email them to us at thailandvacationvilla@gmail.com . We dearly love our Villa on Koh Lanta, and hope that you will love and appreciate the opportunity to share “Heaven on Earth” with us.
Michael & Cherie (Villa Owners)